Don Enns

The world lost a special person on Monday. And we lost a great friend and colleague. Don Enns was a key part of the West Park team for almost 32 years. Prior to joining us in 1990, Don had been a fuel truck driver, then ran his own gas station / towing business before accepting a position with us as a service advisor. We always knew this, but from your comments in the last day we have been reminded again how many of you loved dealing with Don and trusted his advice when it came to servicing your vehicles.

Don had been dealing with a variety of health issues over the last 25 years. But unless you specifically asked him, Don would never let on that he was feeling miserable. And there were many days in the last years when he did. As his son Lee said a few weeks ago when we asked how his Dad was doing – well you know he’s feeling bad if he’s not here. And that was so true. Don was at work until a few short weeks ago and no one interacting with him would have guessed what he was dealing with.

Don was a private person who was not big on social media. He would not have appreciated this post so sorry Don. But you were such an important part of West Park that we had to say how special you were to us and how much we are going to miss you.

There are many special memories we have of Don. Just one that demonstrates his caring for others and his dedication to the West Park family – one of our customers was planning to leave for the south very early one cold and wintery Sunday morning. When he walked into his garage at 5 in the morning, his truck had a flat tire. He tried putting on the spare, but it had never been off so the hoist was seized. Not knowing what else to do, he called Don. Who got out of bed, repaired the leaking tire, then cut the spare tire down and put it in the box in case of another flat. That was Don. Caring about people and going the second mile for our customers.

On behalf of everyone at West Park, we express our sincere condolences to Tina, Lee & Erin, Nick & May, grandchildren Emily and Connor, Don’s Mom Trudy Enns as well as his extended family and friends. We know there will be a huge hole in your lives. We are going to miss him incredibly as well.

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