We Are Committed to Canada and Taking Care of Our People in Oshawa

In November 2018, GM announced that production will end at Oshawa Assembly at the end of 2019 because of a variety of economic factors, including rapid changes in the North American car market, the cancellation of Oshawa products and persistent low utilization at the plant. Numerous alternatives were studied but none had a viable positive business case.
· GM takes care of its people. At the end of 2019, half of the hourly workers at Oshawa Assembly will be eligible to receive a GM pension with generous lump sum payments and new car vouchers. In addition, GM has committed millions of dollars to help retrain interested employees for more than 5,000 jobs identified by GTA employers interested in hiring Oshawa Assembly workers.
· Since 2009, GM has contributed more than $100 billion into Canada through manufacturing, purchased goods and services, and over $8 billion invested into worker pensions. GM’s investment in Canada has also created Canada’s largest automotive software engineering workforce as it continues to add jobs in next-generation automotive engineering, software and testing work in Oshawa, Markham, Kapuskasing and soon in Toronto. We are hiring for the future as our Canada engineering base grows toward 1,000 jobs.
· General Motors is committed to Canada and we build where we sell. Our Canadian workforce is still well over 5,000 people and we will remain one of Oshawa’s largest private sector employers. Beyond Oshawa, we manufacture vehicles, engines and transmissions in Ingersoll, Ontario and St. Catharines, Ontario. Our vehicle production in Ingersoll alone is roughly equal to our retail sales in Canada. Another 23,000 Canadians are employed by GM dealers across Canada.
· Our industry is transforming and GM Canada is growing, hiring and leading the way in next generation automotive R&D, software and technology at our Technical Centre Campuses in Oshawa and Markham, our Cold Weather Testing Facility in Kapuskasing and with a new Urban Mobility Campus coming soon in Toronto. We are increasing our engineering base to 1,000 positions in Canada.


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